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Bella Faccia Movement Studio is committed to provide the best quality service for our clients. With our certified and well experienced instructors, Bella Faccia helps each client to obtain their specific fitness goals. Each session with one of our instructors is excited with a purpose. The purpose is to increase a client’s active life in the most effective and safe manner. Pilates is a form of physical activity that exhibits controlled and precise exercises to promote even muscle development for a longer and leaner form. All are attributes to a healthy life with a strong body.

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Reformer Pricing Options 

Group Standard Drop-in: $10

Group 10 Pack: $80

Private Reformer Prices

$50 per session / 10 Pack: $425

Duet Reformer Prices

10 Pack: $550 ($275/client)

Trio Reformer Prices

$30 per session | 10 Pack: $220